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home flooded by upstairs or roof damage - woman holding bucket while water leaking from ceiling in kitchen

Top 4 Ways to Stop Roof Leaks From Damaging Your Home

Weather in Miami, FL, can be wet and rainy. So, it’s always frustrating when you have a leaking roof as it can be expensive to keep up with the inevitable repairs. If you’re interested in finding some ways to minimize the number of leaks you experience and maintain your property, you should look at these tips and tricks. They’ll ensure that you have everything that you need to protect your home until you have the opportunity to fix the main issues causing the problems.

1. Apply Roofing Cement

One of the staples of repairing a small leak in a roof when you can’t quite re-roof the entire house is to use roofing cement. This material is great when you want to patch up a leak in a small, localized area. There are formulas for both dry and wet areas, so be aware of what kind of area you’re working in when you’re shopping at the store.

2. Get a Bottle Funnel

If you can’t get a leak to stop, you might be able to use a funnel system to catch the water and redirect it with a hose out of a window. This system works when you can’t get rid of a leak because it’s the wrong time of year but want something that you won’t have to empty all the time like you would with a bucket. Take an old 2-liter plastic bottle and cut the bottom off. Use duct tape to secure the hose onto the end with the neck. Then, use duct tape or other materials to secure the wide end underneath the leak. You can then direct the end of the hose out a window.

3. Cover the Area With a Tarp

You can use this trick whether your roof is flat or sloped. If it’s flat, after cleaning up any debris and water, simply place the tarp over the damaged area and use some boards to secure the tarp in place so that it doesn’t blow away. If you have a sloped roof, you can use the slope to your advantage by placing one end of the tarp over the peak and securing it there with some boards of wood.

4. Use PE Plastic

If you have a general idea of where the leak is but don’t know exactly where it is, using some PE plastic to create a barrier over the area will minimize the amount of water that comes into your home. Staple and nail the plastic down over the entire area to cut down on the amount of water coming in through the leaky area.

If you’re ready to secure your home against the damaging effects of a leaking roof, use these tips to clean up leaks and prevent them from doing more damage. While it’s not always possible to replace an entire roof because of financial and weather considerations, you can make some of the tricks work for weeks or even a couple of months until you’re ready to get the professionals in to replace the roof or do major repairs.

Miami weather can bring in a lot of water-related damage to homes, but you can avoid needing to make more expensive repairs and claims to your home insurance by taking action sooner rather than later. Need help with your insurance claim? Contact Top Flight 1 today for a free consultation. We can help with claims regarding water damage, wind or hurricane damage, roof leaks, and more.

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