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As responsible Florida residents, we all purchase insurance to protect our homes, businesses, and other assets in the event of damage or destruction from theft, vandalism, a natural disaster, or other specific events covered by various insurance policies. We look at the investment as a safety feature in the event of a tragedy and find peace of mind in its coverage. However, when your worst fears become a reality, you might also learn the harsh truth about insurance coverage, that you aren’t receiving fair value for your damages.

It is not always as easy to file and settle a claim as you might have been led to believe and receive fair compensation for your business or home.. And the company that you thought was working for you and in your best interest can appear to be working to protect their profit margin rather than focusing on meeting your needs. That is when you need to call (888) 514-9231 to speak to an expert at Top Flight 1 of Broward. We are the premier public adjuster in Broward County and we are here to fight on your behalf to secure the fair compensation you deserve.

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Roof Leaks

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  • A public adjuster is a licensed independent insurance professional who offers a variety of services to Florida insurance policyholders. Typically, they are hired to assist with processing a claim when the insurance company has become adversarial. The services can include assessing damage, guidance through the claims process, and even opening a supplemental claim after an initial claim has been paid and closed.
Yes, but most public adjusters only receive payment once you have accepted a final settlement from the insurance company. The fee for the public adjuster service is limited to 20% of the amount you are paid. But that can be reduced to 10% during a Governor issues a state of emergency.
Public adjusters are often hired to work on large and complex commercial insurance claims. However, Top Flight 1 is also happy to work with any individual facing challenges with their personal insurance claim. Our state-licensed professionals understand the processes and have worked in the industry for years, assuring you of the information and skill you need to receive a fair and just settlement from your insurance company.
The services offered by a public adjuster are much like those of an insurance adjuster. However, the primary difference is that the insurance adjuster is working for the best interest of the insurance company, and your Top Flight 1 public adjuster is working on your behalf to recover a fair settlement.
Public adjusters are only qualified to work on insurance claims, while a lawyer has a much broader scope of service. The benefit to a claims adjuster is that they are limited to a maximum payment of 20% in the State of Florida. If you hire a lawyer to settle your insurance claim, that rate can increase to as much as 40% of the settlement amount.
Top Flight 1 is a locally owned and operated business focused on helping Broward County residents when they face challenges settling an insurance claim. After a traumatic event, we know that facing more challenges from the insurance company you thought was on your side can be overwhelming. So we are here to help you get a fair settlement for your loss at a reasonable price. We eliminate the stress and get you what you have been paying for in the form of insurance premiums.
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